Let’s create wonders together.

Ekal was founded on the principles of delivering accurate translations at affordable prices to clients around the world. Since our inception in 2019, we have become a key player in the translation sector on multiple continents such as local and national companies, organizations and governmental entities. We have become an authorized company for various governmental sectors as embassies, official and semi-official entities, and Ministries.

Principles and values


All members of staff aim to provide a top quality level in line with their skills regarding the tasks assigned.  Native translators with extensive experience and defined areas of expertise.


We take our reputation seriously, which is why we have strict controls regarding authorized communication among PoliLingua staff, vendors, and clients


We lead the way forward. We take the courage to shape a better future by building bridges between languages and cultures.


We look in different places, ask other questions, try new things. Nothing is ever “good enough.” We grow our business in a way that makes us proud by constant improvement, constant desire for renewal and always looking for new perspectives and bold initiatives.


We develop a culture of high-functioning and supportive team. By listening and involving each individual we create a powerful and lucrative network.


EKAL undertakes to not divulge information, in whatever form. We are bound to maintain professional secrecy in accordance with the law.

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